High Pressure Water Pump & Booster Systems

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Over pressurization can damage your plumbing. Use a pressure reducing valve to dial-in your final water pressure once the Pressure Booster is installed.

Our high pressure water booster pumps are specifically designed to start as soon as you switch on the tap and stays running until water is no longer required. These Pressure Booster Systems employ the latest technology for maximum pump protection. Exclusive electronic control continuously monitors water flow and automatically switches pump off if water supply becomes inadequate or the temperature gets too high. The Torrium control also measures the system pressure and adapts the system cut-in pressure according to circumstances, providing a more reliable system.

Pipe Connections
115v: Inlet/Suction - 1-1/4``NPT Outlet/Discharge - 1``NPT.
Running Amps
115v: 10 amps
Use 15 amp breaker if on dedicated circuit or 20 amp breaker if sharing a circuit.

We highly recommend one of our available High Pressure Water Booster Pump Installation Kits to accompany your Pressure Booster System. This will help insure proper installation and to prevent over pressurization of your water lines.

Torrium Pressure Booster System: BT20-30D 1 Hp Torrium Pressure Booster System: BT20-30D 1 Hp
Adds 50 psi
Maximum Incoming Pressure: 60psi, recomended max: 50psi

0532-015Regular price: $935.00Online: $823.00
Home Water Pressure Test Kit Home Water Pressure Test Kit
Follow the enclosed directions to determine your water pressure throughout the day. Then call for a personal analysis of your pressure readings to determine which booster system will best suit your situation. The cost of the test kit is credited with the purchase of a booster system.

0532-121Regular price: $21.50Online: $14.95
115 Volt Pressure Booster System (3/4 Horsepower)
This Pump Is No Longer Available
It Has Been Replaced With the New Technology Torrium Control Pump (above).

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